Works on Paper
Sandy Winters

New Installation Drawings
The Signal and the Noise, Flashe, Multimedia Installation, 11'x20', 2015, 15IN01

Recent Paintings on Paper
Contemplating Silence, Flash acrylic, graphite, collage on Arch paper, 51.5"x 68.5", 2013, 13D04

Pretexts and Subtexts: Redux
Greeting the Unexpected, Block print, graphite on rice paper, 26.25"x23.5", 2013, 13D03

New Block Prints
Trojan Duck, Block Print on collaged paper, 24"x24", 2006-9, 04OM05

Silhouette Prints
Side Stepping, Block Print on Rice paper, 12"x15.55", 2014, 14PR07

Lithographs and Monotype
Darwin's Break, Lithograph, Published edition, University of Nebraska, Omaha, 22"x30", 2004, 04PR01

Pretexts and Subtexts
Night Lights And Beads, block print, collage, graphite, paper, 21.5" x 29", 2003, 03D05

The Charmer
The Charmer, oil on paper, 22" x 30", 1997, 97OP04

Dangerous Subtexts
Dangerous Subtext, conte, graphite, paper, 40" x 60", 1994, 94D02

New World Order
New World Order, graphite, paper, 30" x 40", 1993, 93D01

Mind Over Matter, Monotype, 72" x 58", 1994, 94PR07

Pretexts And Subtexts, block print, 15" x 72", 2003, 03PR01